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Write these things down and expect to heal in your life. Virgo, you get what you want and what you need. Blessings are abounding for you. You may find that little reminders of love come your way in unexpected places and through different people. Give thanks for what you have now and what you will receive. Libra, avoid angry people. Choose wisdom over longing even when it's difficult. You may want to listen to your inner voice and choose it over the advice of others.

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Scorpio, things fall into place. Take your promises seriously. Is there someone depending on you right now? There may be a situation where you're divided between two concerns but one truth will tie them together. Use your feminine energy at this time to bring those who are close to you under your protective care and influence.

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  7. Sagittarius, choose words wisely. Love others while you wait and trust that your efforts not only help this process of growth but that you are also hearing from a higher power. Capricorn, life is also a spiritual journey. Trust in the process and be confident in your current pursuits. Your strength always pulls you through.

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    Aquarius, learn from other's mistakes. Surrender and respect that things will work themselves out in your favor. You can get creative with some neat ideas that manifest when you least expect them to. You may receive good news soon and it can have to do with money.

    Today's Libra Horoscope - Tuesday, December 3, 12222

    Find her on Facebook for more. Follow Us. Sign in. Aria Gmitter. And, of perhaps greater importance, you could even get others thinking about their approach to such matters. Ironically, while some are very complex indeed, others are so simple they can be resolved in a single discussion. Long ago, you learnt not to argue with those whose minds are closed to change or new ideas. Not only is that unlikely, these discussions could end badly.

    Minerva's Sunday horoscope: 3/10/19

    Back off. For now, the answer is nothing. Wait and watch. However, you long ago learnt that experience is the best teacher, so backed off. But you must be patient. Let them come to you. Once those changes are clear, the rest will be easy.

    Horoscope Today: Here's your horoscope predictions for March 13, - Times of India

    This may be the time to take them to the next stage. Those around you describe you as fearless. However, most are unaware of the combination of discussion, research and reflection that precedes taking action. However, many confuse making critical comments with this. Be particularly aware of such remarks, because some of those could be aimed at you. These issues are giving them an excuse to challenge certain otherwise uncooperative individuals. Be bold.

    Only after that should you even think of talking over your most recent ideas. Life in the fast lane is fun. Some differences can be negotiated with a combination of tact and clever thinking.

    Try to overcome that. While in some cases this will be a relief, others are rousing anxieties. Still, plunge in.

    In this case, you might even suggest discussing them now. The odds are good others are as eager as you are to tackle, and deal with, any issues.

    TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

    Venus, the planet of charm and persuasion, has just moved into the most strategic portion of your chart. Still, the resulting insights will justify the patience required. Long ago you learnt how unwise it is to ignore what you feel about questionable matters and, equally, what you sense about certain individuals. However, when you state you intend to think about something, you mean exactly that. Ideally, this will focus on certain beliefs or convictions that, in fact, need to be updated.

    This birthday is about, first, viewing these from a very different if not revolutionary angle. Initially, you may be anxious. Being a resilient Aries, you may have been unaware the impact of pivotal issues or misunderstandings. Talk them through. With patience, they can be resolved. Unfortunately, not everybody has the same philosophy of life, which means certain individual are behaving badly to you and others.

    Say nothing. Last week Mars, the planet of courage and action, moved into the part of your chart that has to do with those people and projects that are dear to your heart. This has triggered discussions if not clashes about certain increasingly tricky issues. Many Cancerians are aware of their tendency to recall past issues and, on occasion, allow them to overshadow existing arrangements. Discuss these frankly. Still, go. Long ago, you leant to curb your tendency as a Virgo to criticise certain individuals for their carelessness or inattention to details.