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Contents [ show ]. Supposedly if a sign has another personality than it's original one, it will be recognized by the game as the closest similar sign, [3] and this will work for the chemistry table above. For example, an Aries has the personality closest to an Aquarius so it will be recognized as an Aquarius. Categories :. Cancel Save. Dynamic and confident, most Aries never shy away from the opportunity to strike up a conversation with anyone.

However, they can be somewhat impulsive and quick-tempered. The typical Taurus is strong-willed and determined. That can often mean determined to have a good time. Youthful and lively, many think Gemini have enough energy for two.

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  • Also energized by conversation, it isn't surprising to find them bouncing from one topic to the next at parties. There is nothing extreme about Cancers—they are very balanced. They can also be very changeable which can be good or bad depending on the situation. The ultimate "people" people, Leos are complete extroverts. Unfortunately, this makes them deficient in other areas.

    Modest and shy, introverted Virgos take pride in their meticulous and practical approach to life. Unfortunately, these same traits can result in a very fussy individual. Romantic and charming and incredibly sociable, it's hard not to like a Libra. However, their social pursuits leave them little time for more practical endeavors.

    While somewhat withdrawn from social activities, Scorpios are forceful and determined in more practical pursuits. Jovial and carefree, Sagittarians are also blessed with boundless energy. Unfortunately, this combination can make them restless and careless.

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    Armed with a dry wit, Capricorns can often be found telling a good joke. Also being very practical, they strive for order and discipline.

    Pisces Love Compatibility: Pisces Sign Compatibility Guide!

    Friendly and amusing, Aquarians are excellent companions. Being well balanced in other areas helps to make them the most agreeable sign. Selfless and kind, Pisces are one of the nicest signs. They're active too.

    Which Zodiac Signs Are The Most (And Least) Compatible With Pisces

    However, this combination can make them emotionally restless and indecisive. Read more about the Cancer star sign here. Pisces and Taurus — Both a Taurus and Pisces crave love and romance. As long as both star signs fight for their relationship and support each other through both the good and bad times, their relationship can be magical.

    Pisces Compatibility - Love, Sex, Trust & Life

    Read more about the Taurus star sign here. Pisces and Gemini — Gemini and Pisces are complete opposites and even though there may be a physical attraction between the star signs, this romantic relationship will be short lived once they realise they have very little in common. This can cause friction as they both express love in different ways. Read more about the Gemini star sign here. Pisces and Sagittarius — One main obstacle that these star signs face, is the lack of trust between them both.

    A Sagittarius expresses their opinions often and a Pisces is more of a sensitive soul and may feel ignored. Both fall in love fast and become emotionally involved. The relationship is filled with ups and downs, making it hard for it to last long-term. Read more about the Sagittarius star sign here.

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    Pisces & Taurus

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