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To read current FREE horoscope forecasts, click your sign in the table. Our daily horocope forecasts give us a handy guide to the energies and events of each day.

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Rob Tillett, astrologer and founder of AstroScope Me, reveals the cosmic direction for your sign for each day of the month. Click to enjoy Rob's revealing scopes! Order your personal horoscope plus forecasts. Monthly Moonbeam : Click for Suzanna's insights!

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Monthly Tarotscopes by Lili — a mystical slant. Wild Goddess by Suzanna — Goddess for your sign.

Weekly Horoscopes - Love, Career, Astrology and Tarot Weekly

Daily Guidance from the Heavens! If you know your rising sign, check our forecast for that sign too, for a better overview of the trends. To calculate your rising sign, please click here. Not too many risks though! Just cruise! As Venus enters deep Scorpio on Tuesday, pleasures are bound to be more deeply felt.

This is a good time to ask for loans or favours and to collect those you are owed. Slow down, midweek. Get into some creative stuff or just chill with a good book. You may have some thinking to do. Your mood will lift on the weekend. Put on velvet gloves for dealing with the oldies, who may be less than patient or understanding.

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Treat yourself and have fun with someone close. It could get romantic! Free Daily horoscope Free Monthly Horoscope. Sun and Venus continue to sweeten relationship dynamics in your life by their sojourn through your 7th house.


Mercury shifts into your solar 8th house on October 3rd signalling the need to handle mandatory compliance matters and legacy issues with practical efficiency and thoroughness. Mars shifts into your solar 7th house on October 4th joining Sun and Venus adding energy to the relationship sector; just ensure that your ego does not get the better of you and make you come across as too dominant and aggressive. All sorts of stuff is going on about money as the week begins, Rams.

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Or who wants what from whom! The first half of the week is full of discussions concerning your hopes and dreams. You might also receive good news on the career front, or at least receive some hot sex from your love, who is burning with desire. Thursday and Friday turn a shade of blue, so snuggling with your love should be encouraged even if little jobs keep raising their heads and occupying his or her mind. The weekend looks good for cuisine and social engagements.

Why not get out and mingle, followed by a night of talking about it… then doing it! Your love may be feeling a little edgy, but a dose of what brought you together in the first place should do the trick. It is definitely good for the Ram at the start, as the Scorpio Moon awakens an uncharacteristic interest in the deeper and seamier side of life.

Your Weekly Horoscopes

Get cracking on your occult speculations. How about a vampire costume in the love nest..? Travel and dealings with foreigners are in the frame midweek, so keep your aerials tuned for a stunning stranger. Study, overseas links or travel will open doors or help you build on your plans for the future. Look for the advice that comes from experience. Someone may suggest a new road altogether, possibly a more spiritual one. On Thursday as Mars heads into Libra your seventh house of marriage, keep your eyes open for an attractive foreigner, or a stylish older prospect.

Maybe someone of a different religion or culture to your own?

Excitement on the weekend will pass as quickly as it comes, so just be patient. If you are with a group of workmates or colleagues, romance may just magically appear. Review your strategies. Consult with experts or people involved in the money business.

Get away from the dull routine midweek, and enjoy a touch of something exotic with cuisine and friends. Take a short break out of town to get your mind off the little problems and make plans together about the big wide world.