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But if a bond emerges, Libra can rest assured that Capricorn's gifts will be ones of lasting value. Both are marriage-minded, and although a pairing has built-in frictions, these two can find a harmonious balance. Capricorn tends to the structure of the relationship, while Libra adds the flourishes. What intrigues Capricorn s is Libra's social finesse, something they see as an asset for climbing the ladder.

Capricorn Man And Capricorn Woman: Nature Of Bonding

Beyond that, the goat knows the value of a good, clear mind and is entertained by the Libran wit. On dates, Libra brings ease to conversations, and that allows the reserved Cappy to open up.

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If the Libra is female to a status-minded Capricorn male, she could become Venusian arm candy, not fully respected in her own right. A female Capricorn might be alarmed by Libra's ladies' man ways. The tradition-minded Capricorn is looking for marriage or at least a firm commitment she can take to the bank. Libras tend to be more prone to losing their heads in love, while Capricorns remain ever the pragmatist. Capricorn tends to say "my way or the highway," a sentiment abhorrent to Libra's diplomatic nature. A Libra caught too often in the la la land of indecision could be putty in the hands of the strong-willed goat.

Capricorn loses respect for the people-pleaser or a Libra that is all talk and no action.

Capricorn Man and Scorpio Woman

While the extremes of these signs together spell disaster, many Libra-Capricorn couples learn to respect what the other has to offer. It's likely that the goat wants to "talk shop" a lot, but as a cardinal sign, Libra understands ambition. Libra just goes about it in a different way, preferring paths of least resistance. Have all of this information at your fingertips to help you more deeply understand everyone you love in a way you never knew was possible. Learn more. Aries: Hot or Hot-Headed.

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    Capricorn Man Pisces Woman Compatibility

    Libra: Intellectual Charmer or Major Manipulating? Scorpio: Jerks or Geniuses? Sagittarius: The Tireless Optimist. Capricorn: Working Hard For Love. Aquarius: Uniquely Themselves Pisces: Whiny Wimp or Wonderously Wise? Although Gemini is hard to pin down, you will find this elusive person to be quite attractive! There are several reasons for this, but the one that will drive you the most wild is your love of challenge. To be sure, Gemini can be here now and gone within ten minutes, so getting this poster child for ADD to pay attention to you will feel like a real coup.

    Managing to get this chatterbox to turn off the brain and get engaged in bodily pleasures will be the next level to overcome.